It seems like such a simple question, why do we play bzflag? Or any game for that matter, not just video games, but soccer, baseball, football, or whatever you do when your not driving a tank.

Are you ready for the answer. (Like its hard to figure it out)

For the Fun!

I can honestly say I have never clicked on the bzflag icon for anything less than fun.

My Favorite Applications
Having said that, for the new players it should also be fun. Sure its easy to disregard the noobs. I remember when I first started playing bzflag, lots of players called me a noob. Many of those same players that called me noob, took the time to show me how to play the game. Its fundamentally what got me started in bzflag. What made it great, was the game itself along with a great community that was willing to help out. The comradery at that time and times since have been been great. I have tried to pass that along to new players since I have learned this game, sadly I have not been as active as those who taught me, more of a passive helper. If someone has a question, I would help with an answer. I plan to improve that.

Lets look at it from a different angle, if a new player to soccer joins the field to give soccer a try having never played soccer, other players need to step up and give him some tips on positions, game play, and other points to how to play soccer. If that new player doesn't get the help he needs, how long will he play? Now I realize bzflag is much simpler, but same principle.

So if your a new player reading this right now, if you see me in game feel free to ask me tips on playing bzflag. I am not alone in this, there are many players out there willing to help out.

I plan to work on a list of common tips to playing bzflag in future posts.



Unknown said…
Hello; I am the Shadow.
Unknown said…
I remember this as well...being helpful...even in matches - I remember meno and I actually giving tips during matches to noob teams. We never trounced a team with caps either.
A lot has been lost....