Rotation server back up with additions

I decided to put some of my maps in a rotation server at This rotates every 2 days at 5:15pm GMT.

Here is the List of maps:

1. bzbattleground FFA by ahs3
2. Daft CTF by ahs3
3. Into the Darkness CTF by ahs3
4. Doomed Warehouse CTF by ahs3
5. Fun Park FFA by ahs3
6. Fun Park Rabbit Hunt by ahs3
7. Octagram KOTH by ahs3
8. Tank Hotel FFA by ahs3
9. Dark Highway FFA by ahs3
10. Coridor of Madness CTB by ahs3
11. Mosh Pit by ahs3
12. Paranoia FFA by ahs3
13. Salinas Grandes CTF by ahs3
14. Adept CTF by ahs3
15. Tribox 3 Team CTF by ahs3
16. Tricati 3 Team CTF by ahs3
17. Wheel 4 team CTF by ahs3
18. Xtreme Paintball X1 CTF by ahs3
19. Xtreme Paintball X2 CTF by ahs3

So stop by and check it out. Have Fun :)